Park Shin-hye as Choi In-ha

While most people with Pinocchio Syndrome choose to withdraw from the world and choose their words carefully, In-ha does the complete opposite. A straight-shooter, she believes in telling it like it is, no matter how painful or embarrassing it might be. Coupled with her stubborn nature and strong-willed personality, In-ha's nickname is the "bluntly speaking witch." After debating on her career path, she chooses to become a reporter because she believes that all news must be completely truthful and it might bring her closer to her mother Song Cha-ok. While she was initially baffled at her "uncle" Dal-po's coldness and antisocial attitude, In-ha eventually discovers Dal-po's warm heart underneath the aloofness and his sharp mind beneath his pretenses and comes to embrace him as family. However, her growing feelings towards him grow undeniable with her hiccups.

Lee Jong-suk
as Choi Dal-po/ Ki Ha-Myung

Ki Ha-myung decides to forget his past and start a new life after being rescued by Choi Gong-pil, as the latter's eldest son. He adopts the name Dal-po and hides his brilliant brain and past memories with the pretense of being a simple old-fashioned country bumpkin. His feelings for In-ha have always been conflicted with his hatred for her mother, but he finds that he cannot deny them as they grow older. After years of being a taxi driver, he decides to become a reporter with In-ha to prove to reporter Song Cha-ok his family's innocence and to show what a true reporter is. However, Dal-po soon realizes that a reporter must constantly struggle with the idea of justice and truth in a world where everyone wants to hide the facts.

Kim Young-Kwang as Seo Beom Jo

As a young man born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Beom-jo grew up never wanting or needing anything that wasn't within his grasp. Raised in such a comfortable and warm environment under a doting mother, he lived an unexciting but satisfied life until he started receiving texts from a girl named In-ha. The texts weren't meant for him, but Beom-jo became intrigued as the texts steadily came over the years, piquing his interest to meet this girl. Abandoning his job as a fashion magazine editor, he decides to join this In-ha girl in becoming a reporter. While he had originally become a reporter to meet In-ha, Beom-jo quickly discovers the power of the media and the thrills of seeking out the truth.

Lee Yu-bi as Yoon Yoo Rae

Yoo Rae is a timid but highly persistent young reporter, who was once an ex-sasaeng fan. She utilizes her excellent idol stalking abilities in her current reporting job. Being a fangirl previously, she will definitely not take no for an answer and pursue her story till the end.